B.C.'s Economic Framework

B.C.’s Economic Framework

B.C. is one of Canada’s fastest growing economies, but for too long, too many people and communities have not seen the full benefit of that growth.

The economic framework brings together the practical steps government is taking – across ministries – to grow B.C.’s economy in every corner of the province, and create good jobs and opportunities for people.

It includes many actions the government has already taken and new ideas to consult and build on with local communities and businesses.

The framework is a “living plan” and it will evolve and adapt as circumstances change and as new opportunities emerge.

CleanBC, the province’s climate action plan, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples are core commitments within the framework.

B.C. is strongest when we work together to create opportunities in every region of our province. By focusing on people, we’re making progress every day.

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