WorkBC Placement

Meet Brion

“Amanda is my job coach. She helped me get my first paid job.”

Brion found a new start and so can you. Follow these steps to explore how WorkBC can help you.
*Filming took place before the COVID-19 pandemic

Brion is a Food Court Attendant (NOC 6711) WorkBC helps people with diverse abilities find and sustain a job that fits

Avg salary in B.C.:


Typical education:

High School diploma

Expected job openings over next 10 years:


Step: 1
Care Aide Step 1

Find support at a WorkBC Centre

Discover job options and services designed to support people with diverse abilities. Register with an Employment Counsellor to make a plan to find paid work.

Visit a WorkBC centre near you

“We felt pretty stuck until we frankly came across this WorkBC program and met Amanda.” - Susan, Brion’s mom

Step: 2
Care Aide Step 2

Gain work experience

Are you facing a barrier to employment or do you need work experience? Work with WorkBC Centres to access programs that can help you expand your work experience and skills.

Access WorkBC resources to support your journey

“We were able to do different assessments and see what he was really good at and what he enjoyed. His face lit up talking about the BC Lions and about sports, and I was like okay, that's where we're going.” - Amanda, Brion’s job coach

Step: 3
Care Aide Step 3

Explore your skills and strengths

Identify your strengths, work preferences and interests to see which career might be the right fit for you.

Discover your potential path on Career Compass

“I was able to see his cleaning abilities and how precise he was and how organized he was. He's very routine, very structured.” - Amanda, Brion’s job coach

Step: 4
Care Aide Step 4

Find a job that’s right for you

A good job makes all the difference. Find a career that matches who you are, what you’re good at and where you live.

Search current job openings in B.C.

“The WorkBC program was entirely customizable for Brion. It built his confidence. It helped him get a job he never would have got otherwise. So we're so happy.” - Susan, Brion’s mom