Meet Chelsea

“Once you have your ticket, you have the freedom of choice.”

Chelsea found a new start and so can you. Follow these steps to explore how WorkBC can help you.
*Filming took place before the COVID-19 pandemic

Avg salary in B.C.:


Typical education:

4-year apprenticeship program

Expected job openings over next 10 years:


Step: 1
Care Aide Step 1

Explore your skills and strengths

Identify your strengths, work preferences and interests to see which career might be right for you.

Identify your strengths with Career Compass

“I was really intrigued by the machinist trade. It seemed like a very precision oriented job. With my personality and my eye for detail, I knew that I would be a good fit.”

Step: 2
Care Aide Step 2

Explore the trades

With over 100 trade programs in B.C. to choose from, you’ve got options. Explore the trades and figure out what gets your brain fired up, makes your blood pump faster and puts a smile on your face.

Learn about a career in trades

“When I was doing my research, I found that WorkBC can really help people find their fit in the trades.”

Step: 3
Care Aide Step 3

Earn as you learn

Apprentices spend about 80 per cent of their time learning on the job and the rest of the time learning in a classroom. That means you get paid while working towards your certification.

Learn about how apprenticeships work

“As I began my apprenticeship, what really appealed to me was the whole earn as you learn aspect. You take your schooling and you come out of it debt free.”

Step: 4
Care Aide Step 4

Find a job that’s right for you

A good job makes all the difference. Find a career that matches who you are, what you’re good at, and where you live.

Search current job openings in B.C.

“Today, I’m a Red Seal machinist. And in five years from now, I want to keep building things that matter.”