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Find support at a WorkBC Centre

Discover programs and services designed to support people who are new to B.C. Attend a workshop to help you with your employment needs. From resumes and interview skills to learning how to find jobs online, we’ve got you covered.

Visit a WorkBC centre near you

“WorkBC has services for people who are new to Canada.”

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Find resources for newcomers

Are you new to B.C.? WorkBC’s services can help immigrants and newcomers succeed in British Columbia’s job market. Find out how to get a job that builds on your existing skills, training and experience.

Explore resources for people new to B.C.

“WorkBC can help people figure out how to match their skills with the job market, and what steps they need to take to get a job.”

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Explore programs & schools

Find the right training program for you. From post-secondary to technical and trades programs, there are many pathways to prepare you for a great job.

Check out your options for training & education

“I learned about bookkeeping and it felt like a great fit. I went to a local college. It was a full-time program, so I finished in one and half year. Once I graduated, I had a lot more opportunities.”

Step: 4
Bookkeeper Step 4

Find a job that’s right for you

A good job makes all the difference. Find a career that matches who you are, what you’re good at and where you live.

Search current job openings in B.C.

“I have a better life now. I have two kids. I’m raising a family. I do a job that I love. And I have flexibility that I can run my family and work together side by side.”