Care Aide

Meet Teresa

“I knew I needed a career. I knew I needed education. I needed job security. I needed something that I could be proud of.”

Teresa found a new start and so can you. Follow these steps to explore how WorkBC can help you.
*Filming took place before the COVID-19 pandemic

Avg salary in B.C.:


Typical education:

High school diploma and resident care attendant program certificate

Expected job openings over next 10 years:


Step: 1
Care Aide Step 1

Upgrade your education

It’s never too late to learn. Whether it’s building new skills, finishing your high school diploma or starting towards a new degree - you’ve got options to take your next step.

Learn more about tuition-free upgrading

“My first step was to finish high school. I did the whole graduation, cap and gown, with my daughter there.”

Step: 2
Care Aide Step 2

Find a career that fits

Pursue your passion. Find a career that matches who you are, what you’re good at, and where you live.

Visit WorkBC’s career profiles

“Seeing how my grandmother was progressing with her dementia had a really big impact on the decision that I made to go to school to become a Care Aide.”

Step: 3
Care Aide Step 3

Explore programs & schools

Find the right training program for you. From post-secondary to technical and trades programs, there are many pathways to prepare you for a great job.

Check out your options for training & education

“I found a school that was close to home that offered the program during the hours that my daughter was in school and had a great reputation.”

Step: 4
Care Aide Step 4

Find funding

Education is an investment in your future. Find funding that can help you accomplish your goals.

Explore ways to finance your education

“I was lucky. I was able to find funding that helped pay my tuition.”

Step: 5
Care Aide Step 5

Find a job that’s right for you

Use the WorkBC job board to search for jobs by location, salary range, industry, occupation and job type. If you know what job you’re looking for, create an account to receive job alerts when new jobs are posted.

Search current job openings in B.C.

“I never thought I would have a job that would be so meaningful, but yet provide me with everything that I needed for my family.”